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Adam Frisch

Adam Frisch
Adam Frisch
Senior Managing Director
Phone: 2122442103 ,

Adam Frisch, Senior Managing Director of Lee and Associates Residential, founded the Company in 2013. He began his career in real estate in 2005 and has leased and sold properties throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

During the “construction-boom” of the mid-2000s, Adam found a unique niche within the New York residential market. In that time, many individuals as well as institutional investors began turning their sights to condominium units. Adam brokered the sales of more than twenty thousand feet of condominium units within new developments. He provided honest estimates of achievable rents and helped investors to attain steady 3-4% cap rates on the units that they purchased.

Adam’s primary focus throughout his career has been landlord representation. He represents both small tax-payer buildings, as well as large portfolios and has come to be known as one of the most reliable brokers in the City for leasing residential units. He has also assisted in many property-acquisitions and has helped different groups to accurately pro forma their perspective investments. He presently represents more than twenty buildings throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn and has overseen more than 500 residential leases.

Adam’ devises pricing-strategies that are vital for landlords to maintain maximum residential NOI through market shifts. He advises on renewals as well as renovations and helps landlords to navigate the seasonality of the New York Rental Market. Landlords who have given their properties to Adam have seen annual NOI increases of as much as 35%.


  •   I have owned several apartment buildings in Manhattan for more than forty years now and I can honestly say that Adam Frisch is the most skillful leasing agent that I have ever had. I have given him all of my apartments for more than six years now and...  

    Jonathan Miller

  •   Adam Frisch is the only broker to whom I would ever give my apartments. In more than ten years, he has consistently gotten me excellent tenants at excellent rents....  

    Deborah Raymond

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